Complete User Review and Verification
System for Marketplaces
Identify Trustworthy members and Prevent Fraud
Trustribe's Transferable review and fraud detection solutions help identify the most trustworthy community members within your marketplace. Let our network and technology empower your most trustworthy members and eliminate fraudsters, while you build your community and marketplace.
1. Save
Money & Time via fast integration
2. Connect via
Widgets or REST API
3. Access
the network of Trusted individuals
Adding TRUSTRIBE to your service will enrich your Community with a Trust. Reputation which once was a costly expense, will become an asset to your Service and Community growth.

Accurate Trustworthiness = Strong Community

We all care deeply about our own Reputation (in essence we all want to be loved & liked). Trustribe is designed to identify Trustworthy individuals within your community and to help you make them feel welcomed within your Service / Marketplace.

Access to a much Larger Community

Trustribe enables all of us to collect Reputation Capital under one profile and take it with us wherever we go. Sharing Economy is growing at some blazing speeds. Utilize this to your benefit - by allowing your Community members to bring their Reputation Capital from other Sharing Services or Marketplaces into yours.

Capable and Adaptable Reputation System in minutes

Clean and intuitive UI, adaptable design (custom CSS), simple to customize to your specific business needs, powerful community management tools, etc. We feel it’s a good set to jump-start Trustworthiness within your Community. Did we mention that all of this is completely Free? :)